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Student Loan Advantage is a leading company helping people looking to Save, Consolidate, and Simplify! With the US now holding over $1 TRILLION in active student loans, the Department of Education has simply become overwhelmed with graduates and non-graduates that are applying for payment relief each day.

To put this into perspective, try to imagine standing in line with thousands of people waiting in front of you.  No thanks!! Enrolling with SLA will move you right to the front of the line so you can focus on what’s most important!

What we have created at SLA is an all-in-one approach to help you discover how you can consolidate your direct loans into one, easy to manage payment without doing any of the heavy lifting through the Department of Education. Problem solved!

In addition, SLA has been granted access to the most attractive government programs that allow large portions of your loans to be forgiven!! All this with NO credit checks.

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Loan Girl
Student Loans

After graduation, I wasn’t able to find a position related to my major and, like many of my colleagues, I had to take any job that paid the bills. Once the deferment period was over I had to prioritize which bills would get paid, and which fell behind. Student Loan Advantage was great! Within a few minutes, we decided the income-based program was the best fit. My payments dropped by 70%! Thanks guys!!

Jason B.